IMEP 2023 retrospective

Dec 22, 2023 | HOME PAGE, IMEP

IMEP – Paris College of Music wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! A time for celebration and sharing, it’s also an opportunity for us to look back over the past year and sum it up.

A retrospective to highlight the achievements, performances and lessons that have defined our year, that of our students, teachers, alumni and the entire network that drives our school.

We began 2023 by sharing a beautiful video of our teachers Manuel Rocheman and Peter Giron in duet on Manuel Rocheman’s composition “Pupi’s lullaby“, a moment of gentle, poetic music to start the year in the same way. To listen and listen again…

New this year:

New teachers, new extra-curricular courses, IMEP is constantly evolving to offer you the best for your musical development:

In 2023, we were delighted to welcome singer Julie Erikssen and pianist Yassin Kramdi to our teaching team!

In terms of courses, following strong demand, a brand new MAO – film music course was launched under the impetus of our teacher Pierre Doursout, and was a great success!

The jazz choir was also up and running again this year, with Orelle Soyeux at the helm. We had the pleasure of listening to the singers in a first home performance, and we can’t wait for you to hear them too.

Last but not least, we have the honor of co-organizing this year’s Bernard Vidal workshop, well known and appreciated by our students and alumni. It will take place next April, and you can already register.

At IMEP, the music’s still going strong!

With six outdoor jams and as many at IMEP via our very active Student Office this year, and five live concerts in different venues, Studio de l’Ermitage, Barbizon, Sunset, les deux pianos ; our students had plenty of opportunities to play. Thanks to them for their communicative passion and their marvellous performances!

This year, we also welcomed no fewer than 8 different artists of all nationalities and backgrounds for masterclasses: Reggie Washington, Baptiste Herbin, the group Who Parked the Car, Achille Succi, but also three artists straight from the teaching staff of Berklee College of Music, our academic partner: Rodney Alejandro, Yulia Musayelyan and Edmar Colon!

The IMEP agenda is available here!

Berklee and IMEP join forces for the third year running:

Since 2020, Berklee College of Music has placed its trust in us by enrolling us in their academic partnership program, enabling our students to validate the study credits acquired at IMEP to integrate Berklee under the best possible conditions.

This year, the American school’s admissions team once again came to IMEP to organize their entrance auditions. Several of our auditioned students have been awarded substantial scholarships, including a full-tuition scholarship to Berklee for our 4th year Professional Cycle student, Jazz Angarny! Congratulations!

Teachers, students and IMEP alumni are as talented and passionate as ever:

Finally, we can’t end this retrospective without mentioning all those closest to the IMEP network – teachers, former and current students, performance artists, composers, sound artists, album releases – here’s a small but non-exhaustive list of IMEP musicians:

Koma Trio, Lapsus, Itah Quintet, Square Noon, Tobrouk, Who Parked the Car, Audrey Thirot, Vincent Lanvier, Robin Nitram, Jazz Cuti, Léo Labarrière, Trio Kormao, Georgie Brown, Trio for Echo, No Tap, Galaad Vice, Rémy Dodd, Constantin de Massé, Robinson Senpauroca, Spoink, Eldégée, A.K.O, Kalupto, Paul Vanier, Le Duo des Cimes

Romain Pilon on European tour, Rick Margitza in residence for 5 years every Monday at La Gare Le Gore, Julie Erikssen, Manuel Rocheman, Balaphonics, Peter Giron, Michael Felberbaum, Gerard Hagen, Josiah Woodson in concert on jazz stages in Paris and beyond. It’s part of IMEP’s identity to offer our students not only musicians who teach and educate, but also musicians who play and perform, giving our students a real insight into the reality of the music industry. Thanks to them for this year!

A lot of great things are going to happen in 2024, and we hope you’ll be there to celebrate them with us! In the meantime, we wish you a wonderful vacation season, surrounded by your loved ones, and a wonderful festive season to all!

We’d like to end this retrospective with a heartfelt tribute to Boris Rappo and Rado Rakotoralahy, who left us too soon. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to their loved ones as the year draws to a close.