IMEP – Paris College of Music coaches you and supports you in your academic journey towards the Berklee College of Music.

1. Begin your journey at IMEP - Paris College of Music

Through our academic partnership you can begin your training at IMEP • Paris College of Music with the aim of moving on to Berklee College of Music.

IMEP – Paris College of Music students who have successfully completed their course can transfer 26 academic credits to the Berklee College of Music.

This credit transfer scheme works for the full range of Berklee’s campus locations,

enabling students to continue their studies in Boston (USA) but also in Valencia (Spain) or alternatively via the Berklee Online digital campus.

Our “Berklee reference teachers” will support you throughout your studies at IMEP, giving you the best chance of reaching Berklee.


2. Apply to Berklee

Every year Berklee College of Music holds its European auditions at IMEP – Paris College of Music.

Many of our students, supported by our teaching and management staff, take the audition – and succeed!. Selected candidates are awarded grants ranging from $10,000 to a full “presidential” scholarship.

Throughout the process, our management team will guide you at every step of the way as you prepare your application. Once they have been admitted to Berklee (undergraduate admissions process), students will be able to transfer the credits they acquired at IMEP following the equivalence table below.

Please note: credits are only transferable to Berklee undergraduate programs (equivalent to Bachelor’s degree level). Graduate programs (Master’s degree level) are not covered by the credit transfer procedure.

To receive Berklee credits, students must spend a minimum of 2 years at IMEP and pass the exams (13/20 minimum to validate).

We encourage you to start your admission process as soon as possible. During the admissions process, students will need to present a complete set of documents translated into English in order to ensure that the credits are effectively transferred and guaranteed as valid.



IMEP Block One
HAR100 Harmony 1 PW-111 Music Application and Theory (4 credits)
HAR200 Harmony 2 HR-112 Harmony 2 (2 credits)
HAR300 Harmony 3 HR-211 Harmony 3 (2 credits)
SOL100 Solfege/Ear Training 1 ET-111 Ear Training 1 (2 credits)
SOL200 Solfege/Ear Training 2 ET-112 Ear Training 2 (2 credits)
ARR300 Arranging 1 AR-111 Arranging 1 (2 credits)

MTC100 Music Technology


MTC300 Music Technology

MTEC-111 Introduction to Music Technology (2 credits)
IMEP Block Two
ARR400 Advanced Harmonic Concepts for Improvisation and Arranging HR-212 Harmony 4 (2 credits)
CCP500 Composition CM-211 Tonal Harmony and Composition 1 (2 credits)

Total: 20 credits + 6 additional credits acquired through ensemble courses.

3. Join the Berklee community!

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