Why choose IMEP?

Playing, being alive, sharing with others, learning… ever since its foundation, our school has offered students the experience of being totally immersed in their musical training.

Below are many good reasons to join IMEP · Paris College of Music

A school with a worldwide reputation for teaching excellence

A diploma from IMEP · Paris College of Music means that a wide range of skills have been acquired with which to build future projects.  Flexibility, talent and creativity are coupled with organization, method, and a capacity for hard work….  All these aspects are taken into consideration in our courses, with the aim of fully realizing students’ potential for successful learning and professional career-building.

The reputation for quality enjoyed by IMEP’s teaching team is the result of 40 years’ experience.  Dozens of professional musicians have been led towards successful careers in France and overseas.

Whether you wish to become a  professional or whether you just want to become a better amateur player, you will find at IMEP a course appropriate to your profile and ambition.


Music is at the heart of our teaching

IMEP’s teaching methodology is based on the idea that, in order to become fully expressive as a musician, you need to be as “complete” as possible:  in other words be able to read, hear and understand the main theoretical concepts of music, while also knowing how to write music with as clear as possible an understanding of how to convey musical ideas to other instrumentalists within a group.  Throughout the training we study and practice a wide range of different styles of music:  jazz, funk, rock, pop, world music etc…

Human scale with an international reach

With a clear orientation towards the outside world, IMEP has made a special point of developing an international network.  As a member of (IASJ and JEN), our school is also the only institution in France to enjoy an academic partnership with Berklee College of Music.  `This means that our students benefit from an exclusive agreement providing a transferable-credit scheme, facilitated access to Berklee’s admissions procedure, plus a number of other advantages:  coaching for auditions, a dedicated team, exclusive events, the IMEP-Berklee network etc… Learn more

Also, many of our students continue their studies in some of the best music schools throughout the world – The New School (NYC), Los Angeles College of Music (CA), Dublin University (Ireland), Holland College (Canada), AULA de Musica Moderna (Spain), New York University (NYC),  the “Hautes Ecoles de Musique” in Geneva and Lausanne (Switzerland), the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles (Belgium) and many others…

A place to live and share musical experience and practice

With more than 400m2 floorspace ideally situated in central Paris, IMEP Paris College of Music is a place where students can coexist, meet and share experiences with people from all corners of the world.  Outside the classroom, students can just “hang out” together in the spacious lobby or study independently in the practice rooms and individual “booths”.

Events program

IMEP has on offer a rich program of events such as monthly masterclasses, workshops, concerts and jam sessions.  By diving deeply into the life of the school, students are helped to focus on their individual project and to find, step by step, their own unique place within the music industry. Learn more

Students’ Association

The school has a students’ association BDE which is run by a team of dynamic and motivated students elected to a management role.  The association regularly organizes events for members: jam sessions, workshops, tutorials, etc. Learn more

Music making is at the heart of our approach

At IMEP live music is the key.  Aside from the events which take place at the school, many musical events such as concerts and jam sessions are organized every year downtown, whether at major Paris venues (Studio de l’Ermitage, `Sunset/Sunside, New Morning, Bal Blomet…) or in smaller settings (Café de la Danse, Pamela Club etc.).  At the end of each academic term, students play in public, either by taking part in public concerts organized by IMEP – Paris College of Music at a Paris jazz club, or before a panel of teachers.  These are essential occasions for gaining practical experience of playing onstage. Learn more

A network and opportunities within easy reach 

Throughout each year, various professionals from the music industry: promoters, broadcasters, artists, instrumentalists, teachers, event programmers, journalists etc.  are invited to the school to give a range of masterclasses, lectures and workshops, thus providing students with a fast track towards building networks of contacts and exchanges.

At the end of the academic year there is a special “awards” evening presided over by a major French or international artist.  These outstanding personalities are there to convey their experience, advice and encouragement to our students. Learn more

Finally, IMEP – Paris College of Music is the focal point of a dynamic and tightly-knit community of former students, many of whom began their careers at the school. 

This network of alumni helps promote shared experience and a spirit of cooperation between current and past students. Learn more