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School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Paris

School of Jazz and contemporary music in Paris, the IMEP • Paris College of Music was created in 2011 by a collective of professional musicians invested in music education for many years. The founding members are Peter Giron, François Fichu, Bernard Vidal, Phil Hilfiker and Guy von Gaudecker. Since its inception, IMEP was the only music school to use the brand name “American School of Modern Music” until September 2016. At this date,  IMEP ended its contractual relationship with the owner of the American School of Modern Music trademark. The two structures are now completely independent of one another.
Indeed, after having contributed extensively to the reputation of the American School of Modern Music (including some teachers for more than 30 years), the entire pedagogical and administrative team has chosen to follow the IMEP • Paris college of Music in its new project moving to 7 rue Emile Dubois in Paris in the 14th arrondissement (France). These new premises are bigger, renovated and equipped to meet the objectives set by the founders.


The new school is no longer just a place of knowledge which one usually leaves after classes, (lack of space available to work together), it has become a place of life, exchange and shared practice of the music, energized by a student office active in the management of rehearsal rooms available to students and in organizing a student life favorable to the creation of contacts and a first professional network (organization of evening events, jam sessions, contact with various structures, directory of school groups, alumni, …). The proximity of teachers and musicians with the students stimulates a social life, the breeding ground for the success of the projects carried by each student.

Discover our school of music which reserves you some nice surprises with its approach rigorous, powerful, lively and creative musical education while browsing this very complete website!
We have trained thousands of students, many of whom have become professional musicians. Bring your project to the next level with us!

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IMEP Paris College of Music, école de jazz à paris
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