IMEP Big Band

IMEP Big Band

The IMEP Big Band is a large orchestra made up of about ten musicians bringing together students from the school and outside musicians.

The IMEP Big Band: a first-rate educational tool.

Created in 2005 by François Fichu and Phil Hilfiker, the Big Band is now led by Phil Hilfiker and Ramon Fossati.

The Big Band gives Cycle Supérieur students the opportunity to practice conducting and have their compositions and arrangements performed. It thus guarantees the essential practical application of knowledge, making it possible to convert it into concretely usable skills.

A real springboard for our young musicians that allows us to take advantage of the talent of future jazz figures. This is one of the pillars of the IMEP program.

A unique experience in a large format group

The IMEP Big Band performs every year at the graduation ceremony in venues such as the Studio de l’Ermitage, Café de la Danse, Sunset-Sunside and others. The repertoire is exclusively made up of a selection of arrangements of different styles, made by our graduate students.

Punctually in the year, the Big Band is called upon to travel to events such as the International Festival of the Cité Universitaire, Ascona Jazz Festival, Musicora fair… and always aims to develop!

Hours: usually Tuesdays from 4.45pm to 6.45pm from October to June.

Price: €200 for IMEP students – €300 for external musicians

Information and registration: to join the IMEP Big Band, send your request to info@imep.pro, specifying your instrument and your background.

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