The gateway into IMEP training, whether for the Professional Program or the Open Program, is our audition.

There are several audition dates throughout the year. Our courses are open to all student profiles provided candidates can demonstrate that they have practiced a musical instrument for at least one year, whether alone or with a teacher. Candidates must be aged at least 17.


free of charge and open to all

The audition is an important step which enables us to assess your level and learn about your musical objectives so that we can find the course which best meets your needs.  Aside from technical ability, we are especially interested in your musicianship and musical potential. 

At IMEP, we assess all musical profiles. Some of you have a formal classical background while others are largely self-taught.  We will give advice and help identify the most appropriate course for you.

The audition itself and our assessment criteria… what happens at an IMEP audition?

Our teachers will assess you with reference to your level and personal objectives.  The audition is tailored to each candidate.  For example, Open Program candidates will be asked somewhat different questions than Professional Program candidates.

 “Don’t be afraid of the audition, we’re all music lovers! It’s a relaxed and friendly event” 

- François Fichu (Cofounder )

The audition in stages


Audition: choose a date for your entrance audition by filling in our application form:

Several dates are available throughout the year.  We advise you to audition as early as possible in the year to minimize the risk of a course being fully booked.


Following the audition, if you are admitted, you will receive a full set of application papers.


Applications are processed between March and September.  The program starts in the last week of September.


The audition takes about 30 to 40 minutes.  It involves:

  • a 15-minute written theory test
  • a 10-minute oral theory test
  • a 2-3 minute instrumental test
  • a discussion with teachers
Audition procedure

Below is a list of the kinds of question you may be asked during the audition (especially for the Professional Program. For the Open Program the audition is less demanding.

Theory test (written):

  • Note, key-signature and chord identification
  • Chord, scale and mode construction
  • Intervals
  • Music notation (writing a simple well-known melody of our choice on a musical staff)
  • Simple musical transposition
Theory test (oral):
  • On-sight rhythm reading
  • Vocal sight-reading
  • Ear-test (chords, intervals, the ability to repeat a simple melody)
practical test :

For the practical test:  We ask all candidates to prepare one or two pieces for the admissions panel, ideally in different styles.  The panel will be appreciative if candidates can improvise, but this is not compulsory.  Candidates may also be asked to sight-read a simple score with their instrument.

For this test we suggest that you choose a piece which you can play comfortably.  It is better to play a simple piece in which you are in control rather than a more technically-demanding piece which you can only perform inconsistently.

Finally, there will be a discussion so that we can get to know you and find out about your expectations, personal aims and objectives.

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