Getting ready for 2020-2021

For several months now, we have been dealing with an exceptional crisis. Since March and the lockdown announcement, all necessary steps have been taken to ensure our students’ education, with as high as usual our goal of excellence.

IMEP Paris College of Music is the first and only Parisian school of jazz and contemporary music to be an official member of the “Berklee Global Partners” network initiated by Berklee College of Music located in Boston, USA. Our team of active musicians (featuring Chris Culpo, Josiah Woodson, Romain Pilon, François Fichu, Peter Giron, Phil Hilfiker, Rick Margitza, Manuel Rocheman, Tony Saba), has several decades of experience and has trained many professionals active in the music industry. Our exclusive curriculum is inspired by the model of the great American schools. We have 430M2 of new premises and equipment in the heart of Paris. We offer a choice between professional training (Pro program), lighter program in evening classes (Open program), and Junior program for our young people from 9 years old.
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Ask Berklee

Ask Berklee

Ask Berklee : Berklee College of Music answers your questions !  Berklee College of Music is hosting live information sessions for Berklee Global Partners students !  You will be able to ask Berklee staff members all of your questions about : admissions and...

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New : Teaser IMEP Paris College of Music, june 2019

New : Meeting former student, guitarist Lionel Loueke, guest of honor, diploma ceremony 2017. Short version. Full version here

Meeting former student Yassin Kramdi

Short sample views of life at school in Open program, Junior program and Pro program

« Par rapport à mon parcours en tant que pianiste et compositeur, à l’IMEP j’ai trouvé exactement le type de formation que je cherchais, et la surprise a été de le découvrir pendant le chemin.” Lorenzo Liuzzi, Italy, Pianist Composer-Arranger, graduated from IMEP • Paris College of Music.  Lire la suite…

«Un des grand “plus” de l’IMEP se trouve dans son panel de professeurs”.  Gabriel Majou, France, Violonist Composer-Arranger, former student, graduated from Berklee College of Music (Boston) Lire la suite…

«Je ne connais aucune école qui soit aussi efficace ”. François Chanvallon, France, Guitarist Composer-Arranger, former student, graduated from Berklee College of Music (Boston) Lire la suite…