IMEP offers a wide range of courses for all student profiles and projected paths. The Professional program is aimed at students seeking a professional musical career whereas the Open program is for amateur musicians wishing to improve at their own pace. 


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IMEP – Paris College of Music is a school for jazz and modern music with a worldwide reputation for the excellence of its learning program. Playing, being alive, sharing with others, learning… ever since its foundation, our school has offered students the experience of being totally immersed in their musical training.

Naïm Arnaud Promotion 2013 de l'IMEP avec Sylvain Luc

Five years of study and here we are! Time flew by almost too fast. You get a feeling that there is so much more to learn here. The last year was explosive and formed, I reckon, the grounding of my life as a musician! Thanks for everything and keep rocking!”

Naïm Arnaud
Drums, composition-arrangement.
Agustin chant avec l'ensemble de l'IMEP au Studio de l'Ermitage

“A shining example of high standards and a most valuable experience for a generation which is unfamiliar with the virtue of strength. With these words I want to express my gratitude and my motivation to give of my best. Thank you!

Augustin Ledieu
Vocals, composition-arrangement
Les anciens éleves David Franco à la basse et Stephane Colling au Café de la Danse

6 years ago I arrived at the school with my guitar knowing almost nothing except the blues. This school and its teachers have helped me grow and broaden my musical horizon. I’ve met many interesting people and studied with excellent teachers whose approach I greatly admire. 6 years on I am older, wiser and more knowledgeable thanks to all of you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for 6 years filled with moments of intense pleasure but also some tough times. It leaves me with great memories. I wish you well at IMEP, hoping to meet again!!!

Stephane Colling
Guitar composition-arrangement.

Thank you for the year! I’ve acquired so many things, not just in arrangement but in my whole way of looking at music generally. I was quite sceptical at the beginning of the year but I’ve really opened up and begun to appreciate this style of music!

David Tappeser
Drums, composition-arrangement
Cybèle Mamarot dans la soirée remise des diplômes de laPromotion 2013 de l'IMEP avec Sylvain Luc

When I arrived at the school, I really was a beginner and, yes, I had to hang on tight in all areas of study (In fact that is true for everyone). It was sometimes tough to keep up with the school’s pace but I feel I have learned a lot thanks to all my teachers. Certainly I’ve learned some music techniques (I’m keen now to revise some of the material at my own pace) but I’ve also learned a state of mind.

Cybèle Mamarot
Guitarist, singer, compositrice-arrangeuse.

I want to say how much I love this school, to which I owe such a lot. It has many strong points: a rigorous method, regular monitoring, excellent teachers. When I first arrived I couldn’t read a note of music, I had no idea about II-V-I’s, how to arrange music etc. 3 years on, I have a solid grounding in all these areas. It is extraordinary that in one year I acquired all the basics of jazz harmony thanks to the 2nd year of the course. (At Berklee there are 4 levels in harmony spread over 2 years). I know of no other school offering such efficiency. The same goes for music theory. Another plus is the close relationship between teachers and students. I think this is unique.

François Chanvallon
Guitar, composition-arrangement.
Echange ntre Yaron Herman et Lorenzo Liuzzi

The arrangement/composition staff at the school have shown me the importance of musical structure in order to become more and more expressive. I have always felt that the teachers are very open to the musical orientation of each student project, with the idea that music can be seen from many equally important points of view.

Lorenzo Liuzzi
Piano, composition-arrangement
Vincent Lanvier Gazengel

I’m leaving for Berklee this morning. Without IMEP I never would have reached this goal. Above all, thanks to the transferred credits, I am able to start my Major directly at Grade 7, which is the maximum. This means I can enjoy the Best of Berklee! Thank you so much for believing in me and carrying me forward along this course. Thank you for the great years I spent at IMEP!

Vincent Lanvier

One of IMEP’s most significant assets is its faculty. All teachers are seasoned professional musicians from France and abroad who bring to the school a wealth of experience, know-how and wisdom which would be hard to put into words. Strong relationships develop between the teaching staff and the students, more akin to a form of mentorship than formal classroom teaching. IMEP teaches us to become complete musicians, ready to become operational in a wide range of professional settings.

Gabriel Majou

The best teacher is the one who believes in you before you do. Thanks for the vocational inspiration Muchas Gracias!

Pablo García


With a clear orientation towards the outside world, IMEP has made a special point of developing an international network.

Our school is also the only institution in France to enjoy an academic partnership with Berklee College of Music. This means that our students benefit from an exclusive agreement providing a transferable-credit scheme, facilitated access to Berklee’s admissions procedure, plus a number of other advantages: coaching for auditions, a dedicated team, exclusive events, the IMEP-Berklee network etc…


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