IMEP – Berklee: from Paris to Boston

As a student at IMEP • Paris College of Music you will be attending the only school in France to have an academic partnership with Berklee College of Music. You will benefit from an exclusive academic-credit transfer and equivalence scheme, facilitated access to Berklee’s enrollment process and many other advantages.

Our values encompass the world

The main aims of our academic partnership are as follows:

  • A unique opportunity to study in an outstanding music school with a world-wide reputation for the high quality of its learning program.
  • Save time and money thanks to our academic-credit transfer and equivalence scheme.
  • A cultural and professional adventure: many of our students find in their years abroad an opportunity to make contact and form lasting professional partnerships from which to build a possible international career.
  • Berklee auditions take place annually at IMEP.

Also, more generally:

  • Facilitated relations with Berklee thanks to our team at IMEP whose mission is to help you succeed in your application process. Information on courses, coaching for the audition, support in the application procedures, support in the administrative paperwork etc.
  • Courses, masterclasses and showcases from Berklee staff for the benefit of our students.
  • Support from the Berklee network (Berklee former students, students from other institutions belonging to the Berklee Global Partners), facilitated contacts and exchanges of opportunities.
IMEP: a historic partnership for Berklee in Paris

In 2017, IMEP • Paris College of Music was selected to join the Berklee College of Music’s prestigious “Berklee Global Partners” network.

IMEP thus became the first school in Paris to form a partnership with the most famous training university for modern music. It joined the ranks of other highly respected schools such as Dublin’s Newpark Music Centre, Rimon School of Music in Israel, Conservatorio Musical Souza Lima in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and several others.

Ever since its foundation in 1945, Berklee College of Music has brought about a revolution in musical education by developing an innovative infrastructure and range of teaching concepts. It has also built up close contacts within the music industry and with the most prestigious International artists, many of whom are former students.

In 2020, Berklee College of Music expressed renewed confidence in IMEP by agreeing to an academic-credit transfer and equivalence scheme with us. Academic partnerships are the most complete partnerships set up by Berklee with outside educational institutions. Through the academic-credit transfer and equivalence agreement, between Berklee and IMEP, students at IMEP • Paris College of Music are able to have their acquired competencies recognized by Berklee College of Music. Learn more.

Berklee College of Music website: www.berklee.edu

Berklee auditions calendar: berklee.edu/undergraduate

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