Open program

Practice and develop at your own pace

IMEP – Paris College of Music’s Open Program is a three-year training course open to all musicians seeking to improve their musical practice effectively and rapidly. With 4h30 of classes weekly, our Open Program is a flexible course which can be adapted to each student’s own pace of learning.

The Open Program is essentially aimed at those who want a rigorous training course which is nevertheless compatible with outside-work or student timetables. Whether you are a student at high-school or college, in employment or retired, while also being committed to the pursuit of rigorous and in-depth musical training, our program can be tailored to match your personal requirements. Most classes take place in the evening.

Duration: 3 years
Calendar: September through June
Entrance auditions: from February.

Each year includes classes in:

·Harmony, composition and music theory to help you get a better feel for the music you want to play. The course draws on information with which you can attain independence in your musical practice.

Instrumental practice aimed at technical control over the instrument through which we express the musical ideas we hear inside our head.

·Playing in a group means learning the art of building connections with other musicians and also arranging our music and communicating the result to other group memberS.

Teaching method

With a focus on collective music-making, the Open Program learning experience is based on “jazz” improvisation and interpretation but also includes other current musical forms (groove, rock, afro-beat etc.)

Our musical training aims at flexibility so that you can diversify your musical practice. We look at skills such as transcribing, composing, arranging and writing down instrumental music. We also teach digital music (CAM) with a view to using new technology as effectively as possible as a modern mode of expression.

Throughout the year, there are auditions at which you will be helped to identify the areas you need to work on. These are the key dates which shape your journey towards to the end-of-year concert.

Our faculty is made up of confirmed teachers who are focused on the individual needs of each student. Their role is to provide information which is useful as each musician moves through the various stages of learning and also to guide them as they develop their own musical project.

Upcoming audition dates
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