Student Association

The school has a student association (BDE) which is run by a team of dynamic and motivated students elected to a management role. The association regularly organizes events for members: jam sessions, workshops, tutorials etc.

The aim of the student association is to bring together students from all IMEP courses to enjoy a shared experience of music.

The program includes:


  • Jams, concerts, special theme-based weeks
  • Masterclasses, meetings, round tables
  • Management of practice-room reservations at IMEP during evenings and weekends
  • Building up a library of music manuals
  • Developing social links within the school
  • Network building to promote competencies, opportunities, mutual support inside and outside the school (exchanges with our partner school the SAE Institute)
  • Creation and development of a registry of IMEP alumni and teachers
  • Setting up free singing workshops for vocalists
  • Plus.. tutorships between students, forming a brass band and many other projects…

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