Jazz Choir

Experience jazz choir with Orelle Soyeux!

Intended audience: open to all, no previous experience of singing in a choir is necessary, you are welcome as long as you can sing well. Please note that places are limited.

Program: warm-up exercises, polyphonic arrangements, using your voice as an instrument, adapting your sound to the ensemble…

Orelle Soyeux’s program involves learning three arrangements per quarter, with a concert in December and one at the end of the year. Participating in this choir will enable you to improve your sight-reading skills, discover examples of standards arranged polyphonically, and develop group interpretation and vocal cohesion.

Organization: 2-hour workshop per week for 30 weeks starting in September.

Price: 450 euros for IMEP students – 500 euros for non-IMEP students.

Information and registration: To register, please download the document and send it back completed to info@imep.pro

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