Jazz Choir

Experience jazz choir with Sylvain Bellegarde!

Intended audience: open to all, no previous experience of singing in a choir is necessary, you are welcome as long as you can sing well.

Programme: polyphonic arrangements, warm-up exercises, using your voice as an instrument, adapting your sound to the ensemble…

Sylvain Bellegarde’s programme consists of learning five arrangements per term, with a final concert at the end of the year. Participating in this choir will allow you to improve your understanding of jazz harmony, and also to develop your ear and sight reading skills.

Organisation: 2 hour workshop per week for 25 weeks starting in November.

Price : 330 euros per year.

Information and registration: please call us on 01 46 04 90 87, write to us at info@imep.pro or drop by the secretariat.

Would you like to study at IMEP?