Bernard Vidal’s workshop co-organized with IMEP

Dec 22, 2023 | Faculty, Partenaire

Bernard Vidal, co-founder of the school, and IMEP – Paris College of Music are once again teaming up for an all-instrument music course during the April vacation.

Well-known to our students, Bernard Vidal’s courses, which they have been offering for several years, combine pedagogy and musical immersion. In the style of an artistic residency, the trainees spend a week together in immersion. Between rehearsals, jams and concerts in front of a local audience, the trainees, guided by Bernard Vidal, evolve in small groups in an atmosphere conducive to the development of their instrument.

Bernard Vidal, guitar teacher at the school until 2016, has always maintained a link with IMEP, and it is with great pleasure that IMEP is co-organizing Bernard Vidal’s music workshop this year and for many to come.

I participated in several of Bernard Vidal’s workshops. These camps offer total and continuous immersion in the work and pleasure of music. As far as I know, these are the only camps that offer intense, in-depth ensemble work, authentic public concerts, nightly jams and a convivial, shared life in a small group. Each workshop is different from the others, but the experience has always been good. Work and fun on the road. I recommend it.

Paul Oxby, double bassist, class of 2019 Yaron Herman