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Optional modules title-little

Optional modules are designed as supplements to our curriculum. They are open primarily to our students but can be followed by any other students outside the school.


  • BIG BAND MODULE – Band Sessions

Professors : François Fichu | Phil Hilfiker
Section work: articulation, phrasing and jazz interpretation, sight reading. Development of a concert repertoire in different styles. Two to four public performances per year. Access by audition. 60h year. Annual fee: € 295

  • DRUM FOR NON DRUMMER MODULE – Collective courses

Professor : Tony Saba
Collective course. Introduction to the basics of rhythms, tempo work and coordination, rhythmic sight reading, style analysis, writing a drum part. 30 hours per year. 20 students maximum. Annual fee: € 285

  • CHOIR MODULE – Collective course

Professor : Sylvain Bellegarde
study and rehearsal of five arrangements per quarter. Year-end concert. Work on understanding of jazz harmony, improving Ear and sight reading (during early evening). Access by audition. 60h per year. Annual fee: 360 €

  • MAO MODULE – Sound techniques, level 1

Professor : Marc Vincent
Content : fundamentals of sound. Develop analytical listening to a mix. Composition and MIDI (Logic Pro). mixing techniques, live and studio. Sound Processing. mastering Logic Pro software. 50h per year. Collective courses: 30h, worshop : 20h. on 25 weeks. Annual price: 450 €


Professors : Guy von Gaudecker, Damien Ropars, François Fichu, Peter Giron
This module is integrated into the pro cycle first year program . It is accessible to any other person based on remaining available places. multidisciplinary content is organized into several periods containing: basic principles of sound, MAO initiation as a working tool for the musician (theory and practice), fundamental knowledge in early music from the fifteenth to the twentieth, jazz history and music derived from their origins to the present day. 30 hours per year. Annual fee: € 265


Professor : Damien Ropars
Lab 30 weeks dedicated to the rhythm section. Numerous styles study and practice (bossa, salsa, samba, blues, Cajun, R’n’B, motown, funk, fusion, rock all styles, pop, punk, reggae, ska, afro beat … ). Jazz swing following eras and styles. Listening, vocabulary, learn quickly to arrange a song (and especially good end). live / studio workshop throughout the year, and concert recordings. 15 students maximum. 60h per year. Annual fee: 600 €

Elective courses taught by IMEP teachers title-little

For more detailed course information and pricing, please contact professors directly



Professor : Christopher Culpo
Technique, Accompagnement (mise en voix – voicings) et Improvisation. Programme intensif et méthodique.

  • GUITAR : Technique, Improvisation, accompagnement, études de styles

Professor : Dominique Assié
Technique, Improvisation, Accompagnement. Etude des styles sur relevé. Travail en duo et en ensembles avec section rythmique.

  • GUITAR : Chord voicings

Professor : François Fichu
Module dedicated to the art of chord playing : comping techniques (constitutes 70% of the playing time of the guitarist), harmonized melodies, chorus in chords. Practice in different styles and contexts (with or without bass, piano), fingers and picks (classical, Latin, traditional and modern jazz, funk, bossa, various riffs …) from work patterns, transcriptions.  Work in duet.

  • BASS & CONTREBASSE – Elective course

Professor : Peter Giron | Assistant professor : Damien Ropars
Technique, Arpèges, Gammes et Modes, Walking Bass, Chorus et Analyse, Groove, Improvisation et Ear training.

  • DRUMS – Elective course

Professor : Tony Saba
Technique de base, Etudes d’indépendance, Lecture et déchiffrage. Mesures composées et rythmes ethniques.

  • SINGER – Elective course

Professor : Sylvain Bellegarde
Technique de la voix, Analyse et reconnaissance des accords, Modes et lignes Be-bop. Répertoire : construction, phrasé et improvisation.

  • SAXOPHONE – Elective course

Professors : Phil Hilfiker | Guillaume Grosso
Technique (gammes, arpèges et modes). Répertoire et Improvisation, Transposition. Phrasé et Articulation. Déchiffrage et transcriptions.

  • TRUMPET – Elective course

Professor : Ron Meza
Technique (gammes, arpèges et modes). Répertoire et Improvisation, Transposition. Phrasé et Articulation. Déchiffrage et transcriptions.

  • TROMBONE – Elective course

Professor : Ramon Fossati
Technique (gammes, arpèges et modes). Répertoire et Improvisation, Transposition. Phrasé et Articulation. Déchiffrage et transcriptions.

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