IMEP – Paris College of Music holds a Qualiopi certificate in the category “training activity”. The certification scheme enables applicants for the Professional Program to apply for public or mutualized funding (Pôle Emploi, Fonds d’Assurance Formation, French Regions, Opco).

Once admitted to IMEP, applicants seeking financial support can request an estimate from the school’s management and apply for financial support from a relevant agency. IMEP cannot accept any liability for a candidate’s failure to obtain financial support. All candidates must send in their application for financial support in good time so that they receive a reply before our final deadline for applications.

(NB: the fees include annual enrolment and tuition fees, nearly all the required teaching materials and open access to individual booths and practice studios during the school opening hours. The fees do not include optional modules and lessons provided by teachers. The enrolment conditions, including fees, are those applicable at the time of your pre-application and/or application.)

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