Diplomas and outlets

The IMEP • Paris College of Music diploma

The IMEP • Paris College of Music diploma is a certificate of competence delivered to all students who have successfully completed the full cycle (Initial Cycle plus Further Cycle). Each year, our diploma ceremony is presided over by a famous musician.

Special distinctions may be awarded to students who have shown a high standard of excellence in their studies (Cum Laude, Magna cum Laude or Summa cum Laude).

Initial Cycle Diploma

Any student who has completed the initial cycle (1st to 3rd year) receives the initial-cycle diploma.

Any student who has completed the Initial cycle or the entire cycle but who has not achieved good enough grades to be awarded a diploma, can nevertheless receive a certificate showing that s(he) has completed the studies in accordance with our rules of procedure.

*Our diplomas are not recognized by the State


· Further studies in France: “conservatoires

· Further studies outside France: Berklee College of Music (USA), the New School (NYC), Dublin University (Ireland), Los Angeles College of Music (USA), Holland College (Canada), AULA de Musica Moderna i Jazz (Spain), New York University (USA), Hautes Ecoles de Musique de Genève et Lausanne (Switzerland), Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles (Belgique)…

· Working life: Professional musician, teacher, composer-arranger, orchestrator, artistic director, artistic manager, producer…)

Support we provide to our students on completion:  Help with the administrative formalities required for applications to study abroad and references – Support in promoting personal projects (albums, concerts, tours) via our social networks and on our website’s blog – Introductions to prospective employers who reach out to the school.

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