Technobrass + Spoink at the New Morning
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Technobrass + Spoink at the New Morning

Release of the new Technobrass EP at New Morning.

The band Spoink is opening the show. With IMEP alumni, drummer, Raphael Milovanovic.

Spoink is the sound of the infinite bounce of a spring that, in chaos, improvises its every move. This quartet from the eastern suburbs of Paris offers generous, improvised and festive music, played with a combination of acoustic and electronic elements. Each performance is unique, and the music is created in real time as the musicians and audience interact. Like an organic DJ set for four, the group uses soundpainting to create its own original codes that are constantly renewed. After a hundred or so concerts, including Rock en Seine, the Fusion Festival in Germany and the Festival Chorus, the band’s aim is to perform at as many festivals in France and abroad as possible.


Date: 18 April 2024Time: 19 h 30 min - 22 h 30 min UTC+1Venue: New MorningCategory: Alumni, Concert