Emilie Forbin at the Sunside

Sunside Sunset 60 rue des Lombards, Paris

Singer-songwriter Emilie Forbin, accompanied by an excellent trio of musicians, sings her latest compositions for the first time, arranged in jazz with double bassist and arranger Juan Sébastien Jimenez. Her pretty voice and beautiful melodies transport us into her world, populated by feelings both light and serious. It's a trip not to be missed! Tickets […]

Amhaya trio at La Bouche Cabaret

Cabaret La Bouche 15 rue Esclangon, Paris, France

With former IMEP - Paris College of Music student Amhri Maya, and Orelle Soyeux, former IMEP student and teacher, as opening act. Enjoy an exclusive acoustic performance of Amhaya's very first album, performed as a trio by : Amhri Maya : piano/voix Nikola Zmijarevic : guitare Alexandre Bamba : basse/voix Amhaya, born in 2019 from […]

Bavard’jase Madame Helmie Bellini

La Maison de la Conversation 12 rue Maurice Grimaud, Paris, France

Join us in DJ Set mode for a new Bavard'Jase by IMEP alumna Helmie Bellini. A rhythmic time, calm or syncopated, during which the audience, hanging on my every word, can (re)discover stories in the history of jazz, celebrate its heroes AND ESPECIALLY its heroines; highlight the women who have left their mark on the […]

Who Parked The Car + Kalupto + Notap at the New Morning

New Morning

An unmissable evening to discover a new generation of talented musicians, distinguished by their generosity and their ability to shatter musical genre barriers. A mini-festival proposed by the Resolution label with 3 emerging bands from the new Parisian scene. Line-up: KALUPTO: Calypso Larrazet-Llop (voc, key), Victor Gonon (g, voc) WHO PARKED THE CAR: Laura Wamba […]

KLT & Jessy Elsa Palma at the Son de la Terre

Le Son de la Terre Port Montebello, Paris, France

KLT & Jessy Elsa Palma preview the "Beauty Of Chance" album, due for release on May 17. With KLT, pianist Kévin Larriveau presents a blend of acoustic and modern compositions, a meeting of jazz and soul with a subtle touch of hip-hop. He surrounds himself with the deep, sensitive sound of Gabriel Gorr's double bass, […]