Students talk about their life at IMEP

Apr 26, 2024 | Elèves / anciens élèves, IMEP

“IMEP is not just a place of knowledge, but also of transmission and sharing.”

Far from being an empty phrase, this communication formula reflects the day-to-day reality of the school and its students.

Although IMEP is first and foremost a music school, with classes in all cycles sometimes running from 9am to 10pm, there’s much more to it than that. Just spend a few hours on the premises and you’ll see the liveliness and movement, the connections and links that are created. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find students rehearsing, helping each other out between classes, and projects being created as friendships and opportunities arise.

5 students currently at IMEP talk about their experiences at IMEP.

With students Cyn Othieno, Juan Aristeguieta, Lisa Welmarz, Nima Gachpaz and Georgie Brown.

Originally from Uganda, Cyn Othieno spent her childhood and teenage years between Switzerland and the United States, where she began studying singing. She chose IMEP to continue her training, first in singing and then in bass. She particularly enjoys the Parisian artistic and musical scene, where she flourishes.

Juan Aristeguieta, originally from Venezuela, studied drums for two years before joining IMEP in the Professional Cycle. At IMEP, he loves the fact that he can meet a wide variety of people who love all kinds of music.

Lisa Welmarz is French, and after a year at the Bill Evans Piano Academy, she joined the IMEP singing program last year, where she found the support she needed to progress and gain self-confidence, particularly with her singing teacher Julie Erikssen.

Nima Gachpaz is Iranian. He arrives in Paris in 2020 and joins IMEP at the same time. He appreciates the cultural diversity, and the opportunities for connection and group play. A creative and sensitive pianist, he wishes to pursue his career in composition.

Georgie Brown is Franco-British, and released her debut album My Gramps was a Jazzman in 2023 while studying at IMEP. She loves the lively Parisian nightlife and the cultural and human environment provided by IMEP.