Léo Labarrière Nastia release

Jun 12, 2024 | Elèves / anciens élèves, Promotions

Léo Labarrière, a student in his 4th year of the Professional Program in piano, has released a new track entitled Nastia.

In his debut EP Minuit Dans Paris, Léo Labarrière presents us with his unique and captivating universe. The nocturnal beauty of this project already revealed great sensitivity and a real maturity in writing and composition.

A jazz pianist, he draws much of his inspiration from classical and contemporary music. Her singles Rosa’s Song, Time For Love and Nastia, all recorded with a string quartet, reveal her passion for classical writing and arrangements. It was with this same quartet that he recorded his second project, Perspective. This 4-part work further defines Léo Labarrière’s new musical universe, always accompanied by the quintet he admires and loves.

With musicians :

Léo Labarrière, piano
Ilies Damnati, trumpet
Joseph Roth, drums
Adrien Legleye, bass
Matis Grellety, violin
Marceau Langlois, violin
Liou Feunteun, viola
Livia Mazaud, cello