IMEP Pcom at the Berklee Global Summit 2019 in Boston

Aug 1, 2019 | HOME PAGE, News

IMEP • PCoM was present at the Berklee Global Summit 2019

IMEP Paris College of Music participated in the Berklee Global Summit 2019. This year, IMEP co-directors and co-founders Peter Giron and François Fichu, made the trip. The summit was held in June 18-20 at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee (Massachusetts, USA). This is the second time our school has attended a Beklee Global Summit. The previous Summit was held at Berklee Valencia Campus (Spain) in 2017. (mentioned in our article of January 5, 2018). Schools from all continents where here : Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Mexico, Spain, Australia, France and Germany, …

Exchanges and information of exceptional quality

This three-day Summit was rich in information and fruitful exchanges. We have been warmly welcomed by the members of Berklee Global Initiative. We had many speakers of exceptional quality. In particular, were present; Matthew Nicholl (Professional Writting and Music Technology Division Dean), Cathy Young (Executive Director, Boston Conservatory at Berklee), Lawrence J. Simpson (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs), Maria Martinez Iturriaga (Berklee, Executive Director, Valencia Campus) , Jason Camelio (Vice President Global Initiatives), Panos Panay (Vice President of Strategy and Innovation), Damien Bracken (Dean of Admissions), Ron Savage (Dean of Professional Performance Division), Danilo Perez (Berklee Founder and Artistic Director Berklee Global Jazz Institute) and many others.

As a general philosophy, it emerges from these exchanges that we live in a rapidly changing world, Therefore artistic pedagogy should stay in step with the flow of positive creative dynamics that is changing rapidly.

To achieve this, various means are possible including pedagogical approaches. The key word in all areas is the development of creativity and the relevance of the artistic vision. The interconnection of different techniques and arts, technologies, philosophy, history, sociology, constitutes a major tool to promote this objective. Certainly, our ongoing complex societies need quality artists, especially highly skilled and cultured musicians to evolve into modernity. The ultimate underlying philosophy is to help a better understanding, cooperation and fraternity among peoples.

Summit meeting

We also met with partner institutions during specifically planned sessions. It was an opportunity to share problems and solutions! On this occasion, some contacts already established at the previous Summit have been strengthened and deepened. These include the EMMAT of Colombia with Claudia Valencia (Director of Academic Development and International Agreements), Dublin City University with Ronan Guilfoyle (Director), …

Session Berklee Alumni

An active network of former Berklee students was presented to us through the testimony of some alumni who shared their career path and their current position.

This Berklee Global Summit 2019 was the 25th since the creation of the network concept!

Founded in 1994 by Berklee College of Music, one of the United States’ most prestigious music and arts institutions (founded in 1945), this network, originally named “Berklee International Network” (BIN), is unique and remains unmatched nowadays. Recently renamed “Berklee Global Partners”, its primary purpose is to involve partner institutions in the development of a current, innovative and creative vision of arts education, and to extend collaborative and pedagogical agreements between Berklee and partner schools, but also between partner schools directly.

IMEP former students at Boston!

We were pleasantly surprised to meet three of our alumni; Jemina Bréchoire, François Chanvallon and Loïc Seznec.

For the record, Jémina is the recipient of the exceptional “Presidential Scholarship” allowing her to complete her training at Berklee all expenses paid (see our article of May 1, 2017.) Jemina takes full advantage of this rare opportunity, while preparing a double degree in Film Scoring and Performance from next year. Loïc Seznec continues his studies at Berklee, while François Chanvallon, now a graduate of Berklee and working in Boston as a professional musician, already earns his life with music. He is preparing to move to New York to advance projects and career!  We wish everyone the best in his respective way!

A the end, this event was a great opportunity to affirm our presence and build within this exceptional network at the forefront of pedagogy. With this agreement, IMEP Pcom is becoming an increasingly attractive school with its exclusive pedagogic offer in Paris, one of the world’s leading cultural capitals.

Event organized by Berklee College of Music