IMEP is actively getting ready for 2020-2021

Sep 9, 2020 | HOME PAGE, News

IMEP • Paris College of Music is actively getting ready for 2020-2021 and will welcome its students in September in the best possible environment, in safety and compliance with sanitary specifications. 

For several months now, we have been dealing with an exceptional crisis. Since March and the lockdown announcement, all necessary steps have been taken to ensure our students’ education, with as high as usual our goal of excellence.

Thanks to our team’s responsiveness and our teachers’ commitment, a 100% online teaching program were implemented and our students, whose adaptability is to be mentioned, produced remarkable efforts, thus, allowing to successfully finish the program.

Open Houses and Auditions were adapted to offer everyone the chance to enquire about our school courses or apply without taking any risk for their health.

On September 28th, IMEP is opening and offering its students : 

  • Campus-based teaching, in smaller groups and with a strict respect of COVID sanitary measures,

  • Hybrid teaching, with both online and on-campus classes,

  • Whenever necessary, online teaching, as implemented during the lockdown.

Well aware of the uncertain months ahead and the ever-changing situation, it is our responsibility to take any action in order to participate in the protection of public health.

Therefore, masks and social distancing are mandatory on-premises.


September 21-22 : Pre-back-to-school day

September 28: Back to school day

In the meantime, everyone at IMEP wishes you the best.

Musically,  IMEP • Paris College of Music