Gemini Cream: debut album Merry Go Round

Feb 20, 2024 | Alumni, Anciens élèves, Concerts, Elèves / anciens élèves, News

Emerging Parisian funk/soul band Gemini Cream release their debut album Merry Go Round. The release party takes place this Saturday, February 24 at La Dame de Canton!

Merry Go Round is an eight-track album conceived as a loop. The tracks are linked to tell the story of the album. An adventure that goes a hundred miles an hour like riding a rollercoaster, a brief little analogy of life spiced up with funk and groove.

Release party on Saturday, February 24 at La Dame de Canton

Musicians : Nathan Thal, Baptiste Aspar, Marius Fourcade, Gabriel Delarue, Colin Jacasio, Chloé Lecerf, Margot Bourette, Ilies Damnati, Léo de Bernardi, Mata Loeb Quiot, Erik Aschehoug.