Who Parked The Car at Sunset
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Who Parked The Car at Sunset

Who Parked The Car skilfully blends musical genres, from neo-soul and jazz to funk and electro. The group is made up of eight talented musicians from France and Latin America. Their unique sound is a skilful blend of vocals, saxophones, keyboards, guitars and percussion. You may already have come across their music on radio stations such as FIP, TSF Jazz or Jazz Radio, particularly with the release of their latest album “Broken Glass” in April. Don’t miss their live performances, which are even more dynamic and emotionally charged!

Laura Wamba – voice
Sebastián Muñoz – sax
Félix Reneault – sax
César Aouillé, guitare
Thomas Salvatore – keyboards, voix
Ludovic Prieur – basse
Malo Ropers – percussions
Alejandro Dixon – drums
Date: 5 January 2024Time: 20 h 30 min - 22 h 00 min UTC+1Venue: Sunside SunsetLocation: 60 rue des Lombards Paris, 75001Venue Google Map Link: + Google MapCategory: Alumni, Concert