Chris Culpo’ The Golden Hand Sessions

Mar 11, 2024 | Faculty, HOME PAGE, IMEP, News

Discover the latest album from Christopher Culpo, pianist, composer and Cycle Pro composition teacher.

The Golden Hand Sessions Volume 1 was captured during 5 days of sessions in November 2021 at Atelier de la Main d’Or in Paris.

During this period, Christopher Culpo explored a newly composed repertoire for his duo. The various collaborations between Achille and himself (duo, trio and various quartets) all aim to move effortlessly between dense, sparsely written and freely improvised music. The written compositions merge into “free” improvisation sections, always influenced by the composition of the moment.

During his stay at l’Atelier, numerous improvisations were recorded, and this album is the fruit of 15 of them. Immerse yourself in this unique musical experience that transcends the boundaries between structured composition and spontaneous improvisation.

Find the album here: https://christopherculpo.bandcamp.com/album/the-golden-hand-sessions-volume-1