Berklee College of Music : Last chance to audition!

Feb 3, 2021 | Berklee Global Partners, HOME PAGE, News, Partenaire

You want to join the prestigious Berklee College of Music ? We remind you that you can still apply and audition !

Each year, several IMEP students are selected to join Berklee, some of them even rewarded with scholarships. 

Our 2020 selected students: Bourses d’études à Berklee de nos étudiants sélectionnés 

This year, due to pandemic, Berklee College of Music is hosting its auditions and interviews online. Consideration for admission and scholarships are weighted the same at both online and in-person events.

To apply, please use the application form: https://berkleecollege.force.com/onlineapplication/TX_CommunitiesSelfReg

Several auditions dates are still available: https://bit.ly/3oK0qK6

More information: https://bit.ly/3tlMGcc

If you do hesitate or would like to know more about Berklee College of Music, know that Berklee is hosting live information sessions: Ask Berklee 

IMEP • Paris College of Music is part of Berklee Global Partners and an academic partner since 2020. Hence, IMEP students benefit from the credit-transfer agreement that makes it possible for artists to start their path to Berklee. Know more: 2020 – Berklee College of Music 

Good luck!