Visiting Artists Series, 2Birds Band

Mar 8, 2017 | Agenda, Visiting Artists

Visiting Artists Series, 2Birds Band

An event IMEP • Paris College of Music, Monday march, 20 at 4pmEntrée libre

From Boston, 3 recent students at the IMEP • Paris College of Music, Antoine Beux, Gabriel Majou and Martin Beux, come to visit us and perform with their 2Birds Band a concert around their musical project, their studies and their professional experience in the United States. In addition to musical concepts, they will answer, all the questions that the listeners may ask themselves about how to prepare studies abroad.

2Birds Band is a Franco-America band of Funk-Rock-Jazz in the style “String Groover” featuring : violin, violin, cello, bass and drums. The two violinists Antoine Beux and Gabriel Majou, students at Berklee College of Music, create the unique combination of rock fusion techniques such as distortion, pedal effects, sound energy Funk Rock with bowed string instruments without using a machine ! The original concept is to make the acoustics of violins and cello so powerful that they can play with an electric drum and bass in a new style.



« 2Birds Band is one of those rare bands that it’s imperative to see and listen on stage because they are simply incredible! » David Wallace, Director of the String Instruments Department at Berklee College of Music.

“2Birds Band are not only funky and sexy- they are rooted in serious musical study and capable of referring at any moment to their roots in Bach, Debussy, Beethoven et al. Their passion for creating new music with sophistication that also grooves speaks to a natural appeal for young string players as well as a bridge to connect traditional music education with the new sounds and skills of the future”  Christian Howes – American violin legend, composer and educator

IMEP • Paris College of Music – 7 rue Emile Dubois 75014 Paris, FRANCE