Masterclass Music Business

Mar 25, 2024 | Anciens élèves, Faculty, IMEP, Master class

Welcome to the Music Business masterclass organized by IMEP • Paris College of Music! Join us in the school’s Studio B on April 23 from 7pm to dive into the exciting world of the music industry.

This masterclass will provide you with essential tools to navigate the music ecosystem, develop your career management skills and perfect your promotion strategies.

From the conception of a musical project to its distribution and promotion, our speakers will share their valuable advice.

The speakers:

  • Thierry Ququ, music producer
  • Henri – Pierre Mousset, founder and CEO of Wiseband
  • Julie Erikssen, singer-songwriter, singing teacher and Music Business at IMEP

Moderated by :

  • Gustavo Mezo, marketing and music promotion consultant

Topics :

  • How to organize your musical project? (targets, planning, budget)
  • How to set up a label?
  • How do you find partners to support your growth?
  • Presentation of Wiseband’s activities: Digital distribution, Merchandising
  • Discussion on streaming and download platforms
  • Types of contracts with labels? Performers’ income compared with that of authors and composers (spedidam, Adami, Sacem etc…).
  • Using Instagram and other social networks for musicians
  • Finding your musical and commercial identity
  • How to approach the press ?

    Thierry Ququ is a music producer. An alumni of IMEP – Paris College of Music in bass, he has been involved with several bands, including Who Parked the Car since 2019.

    Henri-Pierre Mousset is the founder and president of Wiseband, an online music service for artists and music labels created in 2013.

    Julie Erikssen is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter. She teaches singing and music business at IMEP – Paris College of Music.

    Gustavo Mezo, pianist and alumnus of IMEP – Paris College of Music class of 2013, specializes in music marketing and artist support. Gustavo founded the Monart Agency in 2011, which develops strategies for artists to promote their musical projects to the public.