Junior course

Trigger their passion for music

The Junior Program enables 9-13 year-old children and 13-17 year-old teenagers to discover and practice music in an environment specially tailored for this purpose and in the company of teachers with experience of young learners. Instruments covered are: guitar, keyboards, bass, saxophone, flute, violin, vocals, trumpet, trombone and cello. .

Teaching method

To facilitate collective development, we divide students into separate age ranges.

Age 9-13

Our teachers help children penetrate into the world of music with a simple, play-based and structured method. The main thrust of our teaching aims at understanding the instrument, melodic development, ear-training and time. The repertoire is highly varied so that young people can develop a taste for a range of musical styles: film music, rock, reggae, folk, and blues as well as jazz and classical music.

Students will be brought into contact with all musical cultures. Their ear and sense of time will develop through progressive exercises.

Improvisation is taught from the very first weeks of study: developing complete songs with a teacher and being able to perform them in public. In our course, music theory is taught gradually: reading is a tool and not an aim in itself.

Our music lessons for the youngest students are designed so that progress itself is a source of motivation. They are effective and yet exciting.

Age 13-18

Our teachers will help you learn to play in the style you are already most interested in, while broadening your musical culture and exposing you to other forms.

Our approach maintains these fundamental principles while taking into account the special requirements of teenagers: developing a musical personality, opening up to the world and gaining self-confidence are among the essential stages leading to personal growth and entry into the adult world. The amount of work required is compatible with an outside school timetable.

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