IMEP Open Program in video

Sep 8, 2022 | cycle libre, Elèves / anciens élèves

Three of the students of the Cycle Libre of the IMEP – Paris College of Music share their experience of this training specially created for amateur musicians and adapted to busy schedules.

I think it’s a great option for people who are doing things on the side, because it’s an evening class so it gives you time during the day to do what you need to do, and then you come and make music with people who are also passionate about it. And you learn a lot, even if it’s only 4.30 hours a week, you learn a lot and if you work on the side, you can really improve. Selen Karlikaya.

Super energy, super inclusive, I really loved everyone’s energy and playing for them and showing them what I had done this year and what I was able to do. I really enjoyed the concert. Gabriel Fenogliio.

Don’t hesitate and have fun, that’s my advice! Elena Tarroja.

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