IMEP Masterclass with Achille Succi: Jazz improvisation

Sep 19, 2023 | IMEP, Master class

Achille Succi, saxophonist, clarinettist and jazz composer, will be leading a masterclass on jazz improvisation on October,10th at IMEP – Paris College of Music! Free entry for IMEP students.

The practice of improvisation has always been widespread among musicians ideally one can imagine that it is at the very origin of music, when there was not yet a well-defined theoretical framework. It was also present in European classical music, as well as in the musical experiences closest to our era and our culture: in organ music as in singing, in “accompanying” music as in “popular” or folk music.

A path is proposed to practice improvisation and learn the various techniques available to the musicians who are willing to undertake it starting point will be Bach’s phrasing (suite for cello, Partitas for flute and violin), which unexpectedly shows various analogies with the construction of improvised phrases nowadays; this will lead to some ideas on how to apply this method to modern musical forms.

To attend the masterclass, please register at : Registration is free for IMEP students and a contribution of 10 euros is required for non-IMEP students.

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Saxophonist, clarinetist and Jazz composer has collaborated with several Italian and foreign artists such as Uri Caine, Ralph Alessi, David Liebman, Franco DʼAndrea, Giorgio Gaslini, Ettore Fioravanti, Simone Guiducci and Giancarlo Tossani; with many of these he also took part in the release of numerous recordings, including two leading CDs and one in duo with Salvatore Maiore.

He founded the “Atman” group with Fabrizio Puglisi and Alberto Capelli with whom he released two recordings; with the pianist Christopher Culpo he made the CDs “Fresh Frozen” and the recent “Thawing Mammoth”.

Recently also published “Bach in Black”, a research work on Bach and improvisation in duo with saxophonist Mario Marzi, and “Gargano Urbano”, a coral work inspired to the popular music of the Apulia region.

Achille Succi has also been active in the field of high musical education since 2006; in addition to several collaboration contracts in the main conservatories in northern Italy, he was in the chair of Jazz saxophone at the Conservatory of Brescia, Cagliari, Rodi Garganico, Pesaro and Ferrara, where he currently teaches; since 2012 he has been a teacher at Siena Jazz University.

He taught many workshops and masterclasses of jazz and improvisation in various Italian and foreign conservatories and musical institutions, including the Siena Jazz summer seminars (since 2001) and the “European Jazz School” in Marburg, Germany, the Poznan and Wroclaw Musikakademie in Poland and the “Uludag University” in Bursa, Turkey. In 2016 he was a teacher of improvisation techniques at the annual Master of bass clarinet and electronic music at the Milan Conservatory.