IMEP ALUMNI : Trio for Echo concert at Sunset Sunside

Feb 22, 2023 | Anciens élèves, Concerts

Antoine Brunet, Mélanie Centenero and Nicolas Conesa, three former students of the IMEP – Paris College of Music form since 2020 the group Trio For Echo. Their first album Intuitions was released last April. They will be in concert on 8 March at the Sunset Sunside.


Lulled simultaneously by rock and jazz, the group’s leader Nicolas Conesa reconciles these two worlds in the abundant universe of Trio For Echo and invites the audience to travel between psychedelic breaks and soaring atmospheres.

With the energy of the rock sound and the flexibility of jazz, the group is to be discovered or rediscovered on 8 March 2023 at the Sunset Sunside from 8.30pm.

Avec : Nicolas CONESA : Guitare
Antoine BRUNET : Basse, Contrebasse
Melanie CENTENERO : Batterie

Follow them : https://linkr.bio/5ko13j