Advanced piano jazz lessons with Manuel Rocheman

One year to perfect your piano skills with Manuel Rocheman!

The aim of the course is to acquire greater freedom in musical improvisation on the piano by perfecting mainly jazz standards. It is aimed at all pianists who already have a background in jazz, i.e. who have already practiced jazz improvisation. Manuel Rocheman

Intended audience: intermediate to advanced pianists.

Program : principles and improvement of improvisation mainly on jazz standards, modes, improvisation on passing chords, division of the octave into 3: improvisations on “Coltrane changes” sequences, harmonization, voicings and transposition, tradition and knowledge of the repertoire, phrasing, relief, highlighting the melody in harmonization, role of the piano in the accompaniment within the group, different types of accompaniment, improvisation on unusual structures, improvement of the piano technique

It was a very interesting experience for me, the courses are very interesting and enriching! Many things are learned and perfected here, for example:

  1. Manuel’s approach to jazz (voicings, improvisation, patterns, swing, placement)
  2. placement of voicings
  3. integration of new chord sequences on the traditional II V I (giant steps, countdown) and II min 5b (personal voicings Manuel)
  4. analysis of the way we play and constructive criticism
  5. original standards studied (Jarret, Petru…) Fabrice Kormao, student of Manuel Rocheman.

Organisation: classes take place every three weeks from October to June (for a total of 10 classes of 1 hour duration) in small groups of 5 students maximum.

Prix : 545€ for the public – 420€ forr students in IMEP program.

Information and enrolment: To enrol, please download the document and return it completed to info@imep.pro.Attention. The teacher will organize a meeting at the beginning of the year to certify your level.

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