Second Brain at Sunset
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Second Brain at Sunset

Release party new album ” Kali Yuga”

With imep alumni LUDO PRIEUR

The story of Second Brain began in London, under the impetus of composer and guitarist Adrien Pigeat. It continued on to La Réunion, where the group combined local music to create a unique blend. He likes to cultivate the ambiguity between styles in an anarchy all his own. With their debut album ‘Kali Yug’, Second Brain’s music is complex yet accessible, danceable, soaring, spectacular and in constant fusion, with echoes of Frank Zappa, Claude Debussy, King Crimson, Igor Stravinsky…

Adrien Pigeat – guitare
Jean Sloube – trompette, bugle
Jean Baptiste Rannou – sax alto
Lucas Baret – guitare
Robin Rivoire – claviers
Ludo Prieur – basse
Nicolas Py – batterie
Date: 28 September 2023Time: 20 h 30 min - 22 h 00 min UTC+1Venue: Sunside SunsetLocation: 60 rue des Lombards Paris, 75001Venue Google Map Link: + Google MapCategory: Concert