Mikhaa & Orelle Soyeux at the Hasard Ludique
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Mikhaa & Orelle Soyeux at the Hasard Ludique

Mikhaa et Orelle is a duo created in June 2022. Mikhaa, a creature of the night and drag queen, and her sidekick Orelle cover songs on piano and vocals in every language, and interpret them in a committed way. They currently perform once a month at the Street Art Bar in Bastille, with themed evenings such as Mikhaa & Love, Mikhaa & woman, etc., and at the Consulat Voltaire. Come and discover this eclectic, tender and committed universe.

Artistes & créatures de nuit prepares a sensual cabaret for you to indulge in the voluptuousness of the moment, the spicy sweetness of your desires…
9pm… the light of day has succumbed to the charms of night and curled up in its mysterious, suave arms; behind the double doors of the Hasard Ludique the artists prepare, warm up, put on make-up, adjust their fishnet stockings and gradually make their way to the stage to give themselves over to your gaze and to transport you elsewhere, to the indescribable, to dreams; to touch your senses and ignite your desires.
Welcome to Cabaret Sensuel

Drag shows with Miss Manly B & Miss Kiss
Sensual Performance by Pretty Quasar
Live of duo Mikhaa and Orelle
Dj Sets par Loki Starfish et Fabisounours

Mise en scèneEdouard LKH

Entrée: 5€* (préventes & sur place)


Attention, soirée interdite au moins de 18 ans

Date: 7 October 2023Time: 20 h 00 min - 23 h 30 min UTC+1Venue: Le Hasard LudiqueLocation: 128 avenue de Saint Ouen Paris, 75018 FranceVenue Google Map Link: + Google MapCategory: Concert, Faculty