Léo Labarrière Quintet at the Sunside
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Léo Labarrière Quintet at the Sunside

Léo Labarrière – piano ; Alice Chahbazian – chant ; Ilies Damnati – trompette ; Adrien Legleye – basse ; Joseph Roth – batterie

In his debut EP, Minuit Dans Paris, Léo Labarrière introduced us to his unique, spellbinding world. The nocturnal beauty of this first project already revealed a great sensitivity and a real maturity of writing and composition. . A jazz pianist, he is also very interested in classical and contemporary music. His single “Rosa’s Song”, a contemplative ballad recorded with a string quartet, reveals his passion for classical writing and arranging. It was with this same quartet that he recorded his second project, Perspective. This 4-part work further defines the new musical world of Léo Labarrière, always accompanied by his quintet, which he admires and loves.



Date: 6 December 2023Time: 21 h 30 min - 23 h 00 min UTC+1Venue: Sunside SunsetLocation: 60 rue des Lombards Paris, 75001Venue Google Map Link: + Google MapCategory: Concert, Students