Berklee Online Audition and Interview : Register now !

Jan 6, 2022 | Auditions, Berklee Global Partners, HOME PAGE, News

Berklee College of Music auditions to apply are open! To enter one of the best colleges of music in the world, register for an audition Online.

Online auditions and interviews for the Bachelor of Music program include the exact same components as an in-person audition, with admission and scholarship considerations weighted equally. These events are completed from the comfort of your own space on Zoom through a live video chat with Berklee faculty and staff.

To register for an audition: https://berkleecollege.force.com/onlineapplication/TX_CommunitiesSelfReg

Berklee Audition calendar :

January 5th, 7th and 21st
February 11th
March 4th
or https://college.berklee.edu/admissions/undergraduate/dates

How to Prepare for Your Online Audition—Berklee College of Music