The Open Program


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The Open Program has existed since 2007. It is for amateurs who want to improve their instrument playing, as well as for students in IMEP’s Pro Program who previously needed to improve their understanding.

Each year, the Open Program trains more than 80 students who are currently either amateur or professional musicians, some of whom are graduates of the Pro Program. Its team of professors is made up of experienced instructors who understand the needs of each student. They provide information allowing you to reach the different stages in your development, and at the same time, they give the proper guidance to help you construct your personal project.

Regardless of whether you are a high school or college student, or a working adult, the schedules and flexibility of instruction are a good way to quickly progress.

Throughout the year, auditions define your progress and allow you to determine your areas for improvement and will also be the stages preparing you for the end of year concert.

The teaching, oriented towards playing and collective practice, will bring rigor and spontaneity to your work. Learning is based on the study of “jazz” improvisation and interpretation, but it is also geared towards modern music (groove, rock, reggae, afro beat, etc.). It is also ambitious in allowing you to become versatile in your musical practice by addressing areas such as the transcription of various instruments, composition, and arrangement, as well as writing your music. The use of computerized music (Computer-Assisted Music) is also addressed to allow you to use this new method of expression as effectively as possible.



    Learning how to better feel the music I want to play, to address the information that will allow me to be autonomous in my approach.


    Learning to master the instrument I use to express myself, which becomes the vehicle to execute the music I have in my head.


    Learning to play in a group, building connections with other musicians, knowing how to arrange my music and transmit it to others.

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An audition takes place in the third trimester (in the period from April to June) or in September in order to determine your level for entry to the school. Following your evaluation, you will be able to join as:

  • Professional Program – First year
  • Open Program – 1st year (CL1), 2nd year (CL2) or 3rd year (CL3)
  • Preparatory Class for Professional Program

This evaluation includes a theoretical portion (oral and written), as well as an instrumental portion. There is no age limit.
If you would like more information or to register for this audition, please visit the “Registration” page.


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