Mbappé – One + One au Baiser Salé
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Mbappé – One + One au Baiser Salé

With Etienne Mbappé, parrain de la promotion 2020 & 2021 de l’IMEP • Paris College of Music

Etienne and Swaéli invite us to take part in their joyful, generous, laugh-out-loud creation. Their mutual admiration gives rise to high-flying, deeply benevolent exchanges!
Their music emanates the freedom of jazz, the spicy flavors of Africa, and the vivid colors of passion… A delightful way to occupy space, which for them is a playground where their basses amaze us with their extraordinary rhythmic placements, heavenly phrases, and wizardly grooves from the depths of the sea and earth!

Date: 9 novembre 2023Heure: 21 h 30 min - 23 h 00 min UTC+1Lieu: Le Baiser SaléEmplacement: 58 rue des Lombards Paris, 75001 FranceLieu Google Map Link: + Google MapCatégorie: Concert